Friday, February 24, 2017

Helping the community

I am very involved in the community I volunteer at a lot of nonprofit organizations. I also send food at money to Africa to help kids and adults have safe drinking water and good safe food to eat. But most importantly every year I do a harvest drive at my old middle school It is when everyone that goes to that school brings in cans of food and they give it to their teachers and they put them all in the gym. Once we have all the food in the gym we organize them into categories. Organizing takes a very long time. Kids also bring in cloths and toys so that the kids and adults can have cloths and so that the kids have toys to play with. This is all for thanksgiving so on thanksgiving less fortunate families than us come and get food and clothes and toys but we also order a lot of turkeys so that they can have a turkey to eat for thanksgiving. The morning of thanksgiving a giant Publix freezer truck comes and we all help get the turkeys of the truck. Then families  start showing up to get food clothes and toys. It is really heartwarming watching these people come in and get really happy because they now have food clothes and toys and they can have a good thanksgiving meal with their family. But some people try cheating it and they try and take a lot of cloths and that is not right because other families also need cloths to provide for their children and themselves. But in the end it's heartwarming to help these people. Everyone should try and give back to your community. You don't need to have a lot of money to donate to charities any amount of money can help.

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